Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Don’t Need Mortgage Advice – Do I?

• If you are just looking for a standard mortgage product, and you have access to the Internet, you could probably get by without mortgage advice. Using the Internet you can compare the different lenders’ offerings and choose the best deal. The only problem might be that you may find the sheer numbers to choose from make the process confusing and overwhelming, and you may realise that you can’t possibly go through the whole lot of them. Bear in mind also that it’s not always a good idea just to pick what looks like the cheapest deal. You can’t always be sure you are comparing like with like. Some lenders may be offering special discounted rates just to get your business, and when the discount period is over you could end up with a more expensive product.
• If you have your eye on an unusual property to buy – whether it’s a mediaeval manor house, an old windmill or a converted chapel – you could really benefit from mortgage advice. Lenders of standard mortgages are sometimes a bit wary of very unusual properties and you would do much better with a specialist lender. A mortgage adviser would help you to find the right one.
• Perhaps you have a bad credit history and you are wondering whether you can get a mortgage at all. In this situation you would really be unwise to look on the Internet. A lot of lenders advertising “bad credit mortgages” are only out to make money out of you, and will try to convince you that they are your only hope of getting a mortgage. As a result you could end up paying far more than you need. You really must have good mortgage advice to help you find a product that’s right for your needs.
• You may be having difficulty saving for a deposit and finding house prices are going up faster than you can save. In this situation, one solution might be to borrow a 125% mortgage – that is, 125% of the property’s value. This would enable you to get the house and enough to cover the extras including furniture. However, obviously this is not for everybody and you need to consider all the pros and cons very carefully before you go down this road. It is essential to obtain good mortgage advice if this is what you have in mind.

There is no compulsion to get mortgage advice, whatever situation you are in. You can always try going it alone. But you can make things so much easier and cheaper by taking advice – is it really worth struggling on alone?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bad Credit Remortgage – Get Rid Of High Rate Mortgage With Ease

If you have a bad credit history and want to get rid of existing mortgage then still you have options in doing so. The loan market place is full of bad credit remortgage providers who are ever willing to give a new mortgage as per your circumstances.

Bad credit remortgage means bad credit history people can switch existing mortgage to a new mortgage for host of benefits. Remortgage allows in replacing current mortgage of higher interest rate with a new mortgage of lower rate. This way you save lots of money on interest payments each month and can use it for other purpose including paying for remortgage installments. There are many reasons for taking a bad credit remortgage. For instance you can reduce monthly outgo or you can release extra money in your home for home improvements, buying car, wedding, going to holiday tour and so on.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mobile Home Financing - Getting A Loan For A Mobile Home

Historically, manufactured homes were known as "mobile homes," a term that a lot of folks still use. Manufactured homes are built in a manufacturing plant and are fashioned to conform to the rigorous Housing and Urban Development Code, which was instituted by the Federal Government to regulate safety, design, and structure of these homes.

The uncommon affordability of manufactured homes puts home ownership inside the reach of a lot of families who are priced out of the marketplace for traditional homes. Over the last few years, the rate of growth of the factory-made construction industry has been striking, and the affordability of these homes has played a role in getting rid of the roadblocks towards homeownership for many households. Millions of Americans live in mobile homes, which constitute more than 10% of the total housing market. Nowadays mobile homes offer the superior quality, economic value, and technologically advanced features that homebuyers want.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Self Build Mortgages – What Are They?

Self build mortgages are the mortgages that are created individually by a person and hence have a better return as compared to mortgaging a pre constructed house.

The main advantage of self build mortgage is that it can be used to create more income. Always a self constructed house pays of better than the pre constructed flat. This is because of the presence of the number of brokers and middle man in the process of construction. Moreover if a person constructs the house on his own he can make it a more livable place by selecting the overall architecture and not to forget the location of a place.

There are a number of factors on which the self build mortgages depend. One should try to use the best possible architecture so that the value of the house appreciates. Secondly the neighboring of the place should be studied well. There is not much of a difference between a buying a constructed house and contracting a cause in a bad locality.

All investments should always be made considering the future prospectus of the investment. When considering a self build mortgage one should select place where the value of the land can appreciate well. By doing so one can claim a bigger mortgage in a couple of years,

Self build mortgages are very beneficial and should be considered by those who can invest their money in constructing a house. Since the rates of the mortgages are fixed the only way one can increase the share of mortgage is by applying for mortgage on a house that has a greater value.

By applying for mortgagee using the self build house one can check the amount of mortgage and calculate it before hand. The self build mortgages refer to the constructing and renovating the home. Self made mortgages allows a person to get a higher mortgage because of the absence of any middle man or a broker.

Self build mortgages are the mortgages that are created individually by a person and hence have a better return as compared to mortgaging a pre constructed house. Always a self constructed house pays of better than the pre constructed flat. There are a number of factors on which the self build mortgages depend.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Remortgages Guide - Looking For A Cheaper Mortgage?

When considering re-mortgaging it is also important to look at as many lenders as possible. Sometimes the best deal is available from a lender that you may not have heard of. Small building societies often have very good deals. A mortgage comparison site that looks at the whole of the market is a good way to do this.

Finally, look out for lenders that have a good reputation for service. Having found what looks to be the best mortgage the last thing you want is to have difficulty getting the funds from the lender.

Re-mortgaging is not like moving house - many people say that moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life. Re-mortgaging can actually be a straight-forward process. If you know the type of deal that you want and you get your information from the right place, it should be stress free.

So, here's what to do:

Don’t just follow the headline interest rate
Check-out the true cost of the mortgage over the deal period
Look at start-up fees and exit fees
Make sure that you are comparing all lenders
Check out the lenders quality of service